We offer professional training in Test Automation, Contineous Integration, Selenium, Appium (Mobile testing) and API testing to help you and your teams master the latest trends in Agile Software development and test automation.

Selenium WebDriver Bootcamp

Delivery - (Offered in Java, Python and Ruby)

Duration - 2 Hrs/ 10 Days.

Selenium WebDriver Bootcamp is online training course that offers you an introduction to Selenium WebDriver testing tools. It covers Selenium core concepts to build a solid understanding of test automation, CI/CD and Cross Browser testing for web applications. The focus of this training is to provide a practical, hands-on application of Selenium WebDriver toolset for building a test automation strategy for modern web applications. Each module has set of Hands-on Labs & Exercises. There will be a project assignment to test a demo application (http://demo-store.seleniumacademy.com) using the tools and techniques learned during the training

  • Getting Started
    • Introduction & Overview of Selenium Toolset
    • Setting up Selenium test development environment
    • Finding Elements on Page
    • Using Browser developer tools to find elements on Page
    • Creating your first Selenium Script
  • Using WebDriver to Automate Browsers
    • Introduction to WebDriver Interface
    • Working with Selenium browser drivers
    • Exploring the WebDriver Interface
    • Understanding locator strategies to find Elements
    • Introduction to WebElement interface
  • Building a testing framework
    • Introduction to Test Automation framework
    • Creating a test
    • Arrange - Act - Assert
    • Using Annotations
    • Test Method
    • Assertions
    • Test Reports
  • Automating WebElements
    • Exploring WebElement interface
    • Text and TextArea Element
    • Button Element
    • Checkbox
    • RadioButton
    • Dropdown
    • Working with Tables
  • Advanced Locator Strategies
    • Using CSS Selectors
    • Using XPath
    • Locator Game
  • Building maintainable and robust tests
    • Introduction to Page Objects
    • Using Page Objects
    • Using Implicit Wait
    • Using Explicit Wait & Expected Conditions
  • Cross Browser testing and CI
    • Understanding RemoteWebDriver & Selenium Server for remote execution
    • Setting up Selenium Grid with Docker
    • Building Cross Browser Tests with Selenium Grid
    • Using SauceLabs/BrowserStac for Cross Browser testsing
    • Implementing Selenium tests in Continuous Integration
    • Using Jenkins CI for running tests
    • Using GitHub & Travis CI for running Selenium tests
  • Testing for Mobile
    • Introduction to Appium
    • Setting-up Appium to run Selenium tests on Mobile Web browsers
    • Running tests on Mobile browsers
    • Using AWS DeviceFarm to run tests on real mobile devices
  • Selenium and BDD
    • Introduction to BDD and Cucumber
    • Overview of Gherkin DSL
    • Creating Feature files and Scenarios
    • Implementing Step Definitions with Selenium WebDriver

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